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Financial Management
CHEMATIX™ Financial Management Module

The Financial Management module provides access to a complete accounting system, capable, in part, of generating invoices, tracking payment, tracking account numbers against each purchase, accommodating P-Card and credit card purchases, tracking and charging applicable sales tax, generating monthly billing for all customer orders and allowing for issuance of credits.  Interfacing with existing accounting systems, this module provides account administrators with the following options:
  • monthly billing for all customer orders
  • account statement (billing pending) generation on demand by authorized customer account administrators
  • accounts receivable aging reports and method of paying a receivable in full or by line item
  • individual line item tracking on vendor purchase orders, with ability to tag as paid with corresponding check number and date
  • built-in approval process, allowing for spending limit restriction and purchases to be authorized at the level of financial administration
  • report generation of daily, monthly, and yearly sales details including customer invoice numbers
  • report generation of daily, monthly, and yearly cost-of-goods report including customer invoice numbers
  • generation of accounting daily, monthly, and yearly general journal and ledger using standard accounting principleswith journal entry capability
  • sales report generation sorted by customer type, such as: federal government, state/provincial government, municipalities, university system customers and customers that are subject to taxable sales
  • report generation of customer billing records, statements, invoices, etc.
  • report generation of customer usage records (report by itemization of exactly what customer has purchased against a specific account number or customer number)
  • departmental and end user information access via account numbers
  • account table accommodation in Market Basket ordering process permitting customer to specify which account number(s) are to be used for order billing
  • capacity to interface with existing accounting systems, accommodating downloads of account-billing information from CHEMATIX™ to the legacy mainframe at specified intervals
  • post-installation accommodation of legacy accounting data to be migrated to CHEMATIX™, such as account information, inventory information, customer and purchase order records, vendor information, etc.

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