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Waste Management
CHEMATIX™ Waste Management Module

Laboratory and regulatory personnel are able to manage all aspects of chemical disposal in the Waste Management module. All waste and its corresponding status can be tracked in detail at any point in the system. This module is a critical component of environmental health and safety, assisting in the assurance that each institution is in regulatory compliance with all local, regional, state/provincial and federal governing authorities.

This module features:
  • access by laboratory personnel and Environmental Safety regulators to enter information for each container identified as hazardous waste (all chemical constituents, an automated CAS number assigned to these chemicals as predefined within the system, the chemical constituent(s) listed, the size of the container, the accumulation start date, the principal investigator's name and their departmental laboratory, the building name and room number) into the system and print out reports for environmental regulatory compliance.  Chemical constituent(s) can be listed by percentage, volume or mass
  • report generation by Environmental Safety personnel indicating all containers stored at the permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities
  • assignment of CAS numbers by Environmental Safety personnel as needed with automatic system update
  • report generation by laboratory personnel of all information within the system associated with each container identified as hazardous waste
  • system maintenance of multiple hazardous waste containers for each laboratory, each with a unique barcode, prior to a hazardous waste "pickup"
  • notification submission by laboratory personnel to Environmental Safety personnel when one or more containers are ready to be removed from a laboratory
  • system log of all removal requests with progress tracking until completion
  • complete status tracking of waste at any point in the system
  • scanning by Environmental Safety personnel of bar coded reports associated with each waste container brought to a central disposal facility, with the ability to add information into the system indicating removal from the lab, the new container storage locations, pertinent hazardous waste codes, the pickup date, and an associated manifest number
  • maintenance of waste management inventory with final distribution as either treated, recycled or sent to disposal facility
  • data verification of bar coded containers by Environmental Safety personnel with the ability to correct submitted errors
  • complete management of all scientific material handling and safety training including class enrollment, scheduling, certified status and access authority

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