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CHEMATIX™ Web Procurement Module

Perhaps the most innovative feature of CHEMATIX™ is the ability to procure scientific chemicals and supplies via the web, from virtually any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. Search inventories and catalogs, order supplies, manage existing orders and generate a variety of reports in this powerful module.

Some of the highlights include:
  • ability of laboratory personnel to conduct a web search of chemicals in chemical store/warehouse inventories, surplus inventories and on-line catalogues of affiliated vendors according to item description, catalog number or CAS number
  • capacity to view item description, unit pricing, catalog number, CAS number and MSDS from on-line search of chemicals and supplies
  • one click addition of selected items to build market basket from on-line supplier catalogues, university stores and/or surplus inventories
  • ability to quickly add items to market basket from "Hot List", an intuitive order profile configurable according to specific business requirements
  • special order capability, allowing procurement of chemicals and supplies from virtually any approved vendor
  • ability to specify a purchase order (internal reference) number on market basket orders
  • optional central processing and approval via administrative and financial personnel
  • ability to upload business-specific supply catalogs containing itemized product listings for both affiliated vendors and campus stores
  • ability to process credit card purchases from customers
  • access to past orders and, if desired, resubmission of another order of the same items or select items from the previous order
  • capability to transmit special order items, non-stock items, and inventory replenishment orders by xCBL directly to contract suppliers
  • seamless transfer of purchasing data to and from existing enterprise financial applications
  • complete order management and customer service options with the ability to search and report based on shopper name, e-mail address, account or customer number, customer purchase order number, or chemical store/warehouse invoice number

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