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Resource Management
CHEMATIX™ Resource Management Module

Resource Management provides and restricts access to all levels of the CHEMATIX™ system.  User profiles are created for varying levels of access including individual users, departments, vendors and customers.  User administration is constructed hierarchically to ensure maximum system security.

The highlights of this module are:
  • username and password access to system
  • superuser administration with ability to add/modify user profile and restrict access to system
  • user profile, which includes ID(s), email, given name, last name, middle initial as well as phone, alternate phone and fax numbers
  • designation of principal investigators responsible for chemical inventory and locations
  • user profiles can accommodate specialized training and certification privileges such as hazardous material handling and management as well as accounting audit authority
  • accommodation of different levels of security for administrative personnel
  • access to all areas of the system governed by specific administrative personnel
  • mechanism to give proxy status to other users by Environmental Safety personnel, account administrators, faculty, staff and students
  • viewable list of campus locations to facilitate the addition/modification of locations to departments and users
  • multiple-departmental association of users and locations
  • ability for all users to modify personal profile and password
  • comprehensive view of user's associated locations, accounts and roles
  • ability to upload rooms, buildings, departments and accounts

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