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CHEMATIX Inventory Management Module assists to complete Inventory Threshold reporting to Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
6 CFR Part 27 Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards; Final Rule

Contact us to learn more about the Federal Register and our reporting solution. 877-700-2600
CHEMATIX™ Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management is a central feature of CHEMATIX, providing the big picture view of chemical tracking and the ability to manage various aspects of warehouse and laboratory inventory of both chemical and non-chemical items.  A multitude of user-configurable reports and views can be generated to view specific location inventories, hazardous chemical counts, historical profiles, etc.  A Chemical Abstract Database (CAD) is used to store detailed information about every substance in the system.  This detail provides the foundation for regulatory compliance, environmental safety, and inventory, research and budget control.  All substances are tracked via scanning (or manual entry) of barcodes attached to each item upon acceptance into the system at point of entry.  Storage locations including warehouses, laboratories, and specific shelves are also assigned barcodes and associated with a chemical inventory.  A complete history of each bar coded item is maintained from point of entry to elimination as waste.

The main features of this module are:
  • tracking of item description, CAS number, hazard rating, chemical formula, container size and content, expiration date, MSDS information, chemical origin, storage location (shipping address, building name and number, laboratory room number, specific storage location - shelf, freezer, cabinet, etc.) vendor (manufacturer) name, vendor catalog number, university catalog number, purchase date, lot number, inventory count, and chemical transfer history
  • chemical status options, such as shelved, consumed by experiment, discarded as waste or off shelf
  • ability to scan a chemical container barcode and immediately obtain critical information about chemical inventory, such as MSDS information, purchase dates, expiration dates, item descriptions, hazard ratings, CAS numbers, transfer histories, etc.
  • automatic addition of new chemical items to the system through barcode association of containers and locations using data captured in the procurement process
  • ability to barcode newly created chemical compounds by laboratory personnel
  • ability to designate chemical items as "Surplus" with corresponding stock items and locations
  • simplified transfer of entire laboratory inventories to a new location
  • instant access to real-time inventories for every campus location containing chemical inventory tracked by the system, complete with location address and responsible owner
  • comprehensive and user-defined report generation of inventory summaries for campus-wide, departmental and individual laboratory chemical inventory records by associated personnel (administrators, faculty, staff, graduate students, etc.) and Environmental Health and Safety regulators searchable by item description and CAS number
  • sequential generation of barcode labels (printed with associated 10 digit identifier) for locations, chemicals, waste and specific storage locations at the touch of a button
  • ability to give detailed names to barcode storage locations (shelf, freezer, cabinet, etc.)
  • configurable e-mail notification to laboratory and Environmental Health and Safety personnel with chemical expiry details including expiration date, chemical name, location, responsible owner, etc.
  • ability of users to associate chemicals with manufacturers/vendors with automatic addition of new entries to existing lists
  • ability to accommodate barcode scanners to count inventory items in laboratories and warehouses
  • automatic update of store inventory count and prices upon item receipt from suppliers if desired
  • automatic generation of store replenishment orders as determined by user-configurable threshold levels if desired
  • capacity to charge a store resale price, specify multiple markup percentages and mark-up item prices sold either by different mark-ups or flat fees if desired

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